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Made in Idaho: Boise's LunchboxWax grows as franchise across America

Made in Idaho: Boise's LunchboxWax grows as franchise across America
Posted at 7:20 AM, Oct 26, 2018
and last updated 2019-12-03 10:53:02-05

The attention grabbing logo of LunchboxWax is making its way from downtown Boise all over the country.

"We opened 32 in 32 months and now we are just under 40 franchises," said founder and CEO Debi Lane.

Lane thinks big. After years working at a day spa in Sun Valley, she saw the popularity of waxing rise, and she perfected her own speed waxing technique.

"We use soft wax and we use strips. It is the most effective way to wax and the least painful," Lane explained.

The entrepreneur inside her was eager to launch a salon with a wax only concept. In 2010, the first LunchboxWax opened in Boise.

"We wanted to be a very purposeful company so we built it with a real big heart and a culture. That's what we started from," Lane said.

Just four years later, Lane was ready to turn her successful waxing salon into a franchise. She's using her life experience to empower her franchise owners and employees, teaching them the values of community and teamwork.

"All of the skills they need and will hopefully take into their lives forever," Lane said.

At LunchboxWax, that means welcoming everyone inside and celebrating all body types.

"Creating that experience when you walk through the door is really important to us. We want people to feel comfortable as soon as they walk in," said Tina Maxwell, a LunchboxWax franchise owner in Nampa.

"The girls are taught to wax all body types, which is something we're very proud of. I just got back from our Dallas grand opening and there was an outpouring in the gay community there and the transgender community because we teach our waxologists to make sure whoever comes into our salons are treated with respect and kindness," Lane explained.

As LunchboxWax continues to grow, Lane says she'll never forget the company's roots made in Idaho.

"One of the things that we're really proud of is that this is an Idaho based company. There's only a handful of franchises that have their roots here in Idaho so that's something that's very special to me. I've been here almost my whole life. The most rewarding thing is just watching this company that I've worked so hard growing, thrive and the people are everything to me. We really spend a lot of time making sure we're connected together and that we're doing this together. So watching that grow and watching that flourish across the country is just amazing," Lane said.

Lane says she's ready to take LunchboxWax international next. 

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