Made in Idaho: The Sweet Spot Bakery opens new location in Caldwell

Posted at 7:58 AM, Feb 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-21 09:58:35-05

"We both have boys so we had to put pink somewhere," Kathy Plaisance laughed inside her and Penny Simons' pink covered bakery.

Plaisance and Simons both share a love of baking. For years the two women owned their own businesses, Kathy's Kakes, and Penny's Pies.

They met, when Simons sold her pies wholesale to Plaisance's bakery.

"I'd go pick up the pies from her in the morning and then we'd talk so long we got behind on our orders at our own bakeries," Plaisance said.

In 2012 the two teamed up becoming, The Sweet Spot Bakery, in a pink house on Blaine Street in Caldwell.

"Caldwell's been really good to us and the community has been awesome," Plaisance said.

Now, they just moved in to a new spot on Cleveland Boulevard near the College of Idaho.

"It's exciting," Simons smiled.

Their cakes, pies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and more are all family recipes, and made from scratch, gaining a loyal following of customers.

"I love that Kathy and Penny are entrepreneurial women, they're strong women that are you know, making a business go. I love to see that it's expanding. Obviously the treats are fabulous," said longtime customer Robin Caudill.

It's a busy place all day long.

"If we have too many orders we'll call my mom, she'll come in and work. Kathy's dad will deliver. We have our parents doing all sorts of stuff. And our families, kids, husbands," Simons said laughing.

"We have a great staff and everybody works super hard," Plaisance added.

Every Mardi Gras season they bring a bit of Louisiana to Idaho.

King cakes in purple, green, and gold, are made to order, with the small plastic baby hidden inside.

"My husband is from New Orleans, so his family always sent us one every year. I started out just making it for my husband and my family and then we started making them at the bakery. A first we'd sell just a few and every year we sell a little bit more. Whoever gets the baby in the piece of cake is the king or queen they say, and then you have to buy the cake for the next year," Plaisance said.

The Sweet Spot Bakery goes on the road too. A pink trailer affectionately named, Little Shug, comes with them to cater special events.

"When we first bought her she was this 1970s thing with shag carpet. Our husbands thought we were crazy," Plaisance said.

"We were like, 'we're getting it. We want to do something fun with it.' They said, 'just buy a food truck,' and we said no," Simons laughed.

The friends and their 'Made in Idaho' treats bring smiles and laughter with every bite.

The Sweet Spot Bakery also serves lunch and is open Tuesday through Saturday. The bakery is located at 2514 Cleveland Boulevard in Caldwell. If you would like to make a custom order, stop by or call 208-459-0014.

For more information visit, The Sweet Spot Bakery on Facebook, or Instagram.