Made in Idaho: The Lounge at the End of the Universe

The Boise Bench club where you can find a bit of everything
Posted at 8:40 AM, Sep 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-23 10:40:49-04

BOISE, IDAHO — Some Treasure Valley venues are known specifically as places to see live music. Some are known as the place to be to see the best stand-up comedy. But one venue on the Boise Bench not only offers music and laughs, but everything else the arts and entertainment world could provide. In this week's Made in Idaho, we takes us on a trip to the Lounge at the End of the Universe.

"We like weird stuff here. Kind of an unofficial motto is if it's weird, we want it," said Lounge at the End of the Universe Owner and Operator Jen Adams.

The Lounge at the End of the Universe is indeed weird, but so much more.

"It's mainly an arts/entertainment venue, it's women-owned and operated, we do a variety of things and that's really what we are. In the European sense of variety, we're a cabaret club," said Adams.

It's name that might sound familiar if you're a fan of sci fi.

"It's a reference to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. At the end of that book, they end up at the restaurant at the end of the universe. So the Lounge at the End of the Universe was like, if you know, you know, but it still has an interesting narrative to it," said Adams.

Jen Adams owns the Lounge at the End of the Universe. She has done a lot here on Earth.

"For a long time I was known as a magician. I did that professionally for 11 years. I worked in Vegas and traveled the world doing that. And then I got into standup and that's something I've done the last couple decades," said Adams.

She knows first-hand that in most cases, the only thing harder than getting your big break is getting an opportunity.

"When I was coming up, it was very difficult to get any stage time. If I was on a stand up comedy show, there wouldn't be another woman on the show because the attitude was well we already have a girl. We don't need another one. I was like well there was just five, middle-aged white dudes all in a row. That's not weird?" questioned Adams.

It's something she thinks about regularly when people play her club.

"I love being able to give people who are working hard and deserving or underrepresented opportunities because they deserve them just as much as everyone else, it's just because of the way we think culturally, sometimes we get overlooked," said Adams.

And while her Lounge might be at the end of the universe, Jen's heart is right here in the Treasure Valley.

"The Treasure Valley gave me so many gifts. It gave me the chance to heal, it gave me my child, this business, so I feel being able to bring really good entertainment in that's both meaningful and fun and funny because I think everybody needs a laugh, its great therapy. Being able to give that back so that we have that relationship of giving, and this is one of those places that is," said Adams.

Whether it's music, comedy, art, or plenty of other entertainment, the Lounge at the End of the Universe usually has something going on, so to see a list of their upcoming events, head to their website,