Made In Idaho: Savory Girl Idaho adds a fun spin to charcuterie

How you can get yourself some fancy Valentine's Day-themed snacks!
Posted at 7:41 AM, Feb 02, 2024

EAGLE, Idaho — Robin Cabrini of Savory Girl Idaho invited me to the kitchen where she builds and molds holiday-themed snacks. We worked on a Valentine's Day sweetheart charcuterie board.

  • Robin Cabrini is the owner of Savory Girl Idaho.
  • Cabrini offers a wide selection of snacks and food options for gifts or events.
  • Cabrini also specializes in making themed spreads.
  • Cabrini is planning on hosting classes on charcuterie in the future.
  • You can find Savory Girl Idaho on Facebook and Instagram
  • You can also find more information including Cabrini's menu here.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Some people wish for flowers for Valentine's Day. Others, like me, prefer something you can eat! I'm your Eagle neighborhood reporter Alexander Huddleston and when I saw a local business offering up meat and cheese Valentine's bouquets, I knew I had to check it out. So let's meet Robin Cabrini of Savory Girl Idaho, for this week's Made in Idaho.

The rich aroma of cheese and meats floats through the air in a small commercial kitchen in this Eagle residential garage.

“Over here I got the mother of all bouquets. This is a charcuterie bouquet,” said Cabrini pointing to a big vase of edible flowers.

Cabrina is the founder of Savory Girl Idaho.

"I'm going to teach you how to make a salami rose,” Cabrini told me.

If you can’t tell by now, making charcuterie is one of Cabrini’s primary focuses.

As she molded and folded the salami Cabrini explained, "So typically what I do is I take four pieces of salami, and I just pop them right in the cup.”

One of her favorite parts of working with fancy finger food is getting creative and coming up with themes. Her focus in February: Valentine's Day.

Cabrini said, "Some of us like real flowers, some of us like food, and some of us like food and flowers, so this is the best of it!”

I joined Cabrini in the kitchen to make one of these seasonal boards.

Now Cabrini definitely makes it look easy.

"Put a berry in there and voila you have a beautiful cheeseflower," she said.

The curiosity that started Savory Girl Idaho sparked at a party, where Cabrini was amazed at the host's meat and cheese spread.

"I filled my plate up. I actually took some of the items, and I deconstructed it. I wanted to see and learn more," explained Cabrini.

Now, sharing her own creations with other Idahoans.

"Because it brings them joy. You should see how people's faces light up," exclaimed Cabrini.

If you want to taste one of Cabrini's creations for yourself, you can order one of these tasty Valentine's Day treats on her website here!