Made in Idaho: GFeller Casemakers

Posted at 5:13 PM, Jan 13, 2023

MARSING, Idaho — Nestled on West Main Street in Marsing is a leather making business like no other. And we had the opportunity to meet and go behind the scenes with the owners and artists at GFeller Casemakers.

Starting originally as the custom maker of field cases for Geoscience explorers, this business has created products that are beautiful and long lasting, not to mention highly functional.

"Leather will never go out of style", says owner Steve Derricott.

Using a combination of hand tools and machinery, including a cast iron stitching machine, the staff at GFellers creates custom cases, belt pouches, notebook covers .... even phone cases and passport covers.

This company even had products that were used by the astronauts in Apollo missions.

Owners Steve and Lori Derricott continue the tradition of making equipment that can be trusted to provide long service in rugged use. And they still offer a wide variety of Geoscience field cases. Made right here in Idaho.

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