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Made in Idaho: Caxton Printers

Posted at 8:53 AM, Oct 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-13 19:23:42-05

Starting a business and keeping it afloat is not an easy task, so when your family's business has been around and thriving for over 110 years, you know you're doing something right. 

Caxton Printers in Caldwell has a deep history, all starting in 1896 when A.E. Gipson settled down in Idaho to start a newspaper.

"In 1904, his son JH Gipson took over the company and renamed it Caxton Printers after William Caxton who's the first printer in movable-type in England," said Caxton Printers President Scott Gipson.

So despite the name, it's the several generations of Gipsons that have been running the show for over a century.

"People tell us, we know the Caxton family. There's never been a Caxton Family involved in this, it was named after William Caxton. I'm the fifth generation of Gipson involved in the business. We currently have the sixth generation of Gipson working for us," said Gipson.

Caxton specializes in printing, publishing, and school supplies, and has done what it takes to keep up with the ever-evolving technology that's constantly changing...for the most part anyway.

"The large Heidelberg big presses that we run don't change, but the digital equipment changes quite frequently, we swap that out about every four or five years," said Gipson.

Caxton has been in the same spot in Caldwell now for over a century, making themselves an integral part of the community.

"Our customers are our family as well. The support that we've had from this community has been essential for keeping us going for 111 years. Without the community supporting us and in return, we supporting the community, it works together," said Gipson.

And it's that bond with the community and central business location that will keep Caxton in Caldwell for another century or more.

"We do work all over the state, all over the region, but because of the ease of communication, there's no reason to go elsewhere. We can handle it all here, we can scale it here, we have room to grow, we intend to do so, and we're not going anywhere," said Gipson.