Love lost and found for one Meridian couple

Posted at 9:30 AM, Feb 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-15 11:30:40-05
"We were high school sweethearts."
Wray and Mary Scott share a love story unlike any other. The Meridian couple celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day. But as this husband and wife say, it could have been their 49th.
The two first met in high school in California.
"He was working on the school play. My best girlfriend was in the lead position and I was staying after school to watch her. I saw this cute guy over there and afterwards I said, 'Okay he's mine,'" Mary laughed.
Both Mary and Wray went on to marry different people, raise families, and eventually divorce. Through all that time, Wray never forgot about Mary.
"Mary called me and said, 'There's a 10 year class reunion, are you gonna go?' I didn't know there was a class reunion. She was married at the time, I was not. So I went to the reunion to see her at the 10 year, and she didn't show up. So I had to wait another 20 years," Wray said.
20 years later, Wray invited Mary to the 30th high school reunion, with the help of the reunion committee. He purchased her a ticket and asked the committee to track down Mary.
"I was working at BYU at the time and I got this email from the reunion committee, saying he invited me. And I thought yeah right, in 30 years a lot changes," Mary recalled.
She turned down the invitation. But again, Wray did not give up.
"Then I got another email from the committee saying, he'd like to contact you. Is that okay? I said oh, okay. So he started emailing and I have five grown daughters who were saying, Mom, this is the love of your life, you should go," Mary said.
So Wray bought Mary a plane ticket back to the reunion in California. He was a half hour late to the airport.
"She thought I didn't want to pick her up, but that wasn't true," Wray said.
"You know when we got back together, he had this beard and hair," Mary said laughing.
You can't stop true love. Six months later, the two got married on Valentine's Day.
"This 19 years was special, and now the next 20, 30 years will be equally special," Wray said.
"I love him. I'm glad he stuck to it and is sentimental. He's the one that found me again and made that possible. I almost didn't make the connection and make it back down there, but I'm sure glad I did," Mary said.