Louisiana flood rescues available for adoption in Idaho

Posted at 9:31 PM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-11 12:15:08-04

It's not hard to find a best friend at the Idaho Humane Society, but now you can rescue a rescue.

"There have been some heartbreaking pictures that have come out of this obviously with the people, but the animals as well and we certainly don't want them to go unnoticed," Allison Maier of The Idaho Humane Society says.

Working with the non-profit "Dog is my Co-pilot," more 30 pooches where flown to the Gem State from waterlogged Louisiana. Twenty-one of them where taken to the Idaho Humane Society.

A spokeswoman with Idaho Humane Society says the dogs were already in shelters when the flood waters hit or surrendered by their owners because of the flooding.

The humane society says if it wasn't for "Dog is my Co-pilot" and shelters around the county many of these pups would have been put down.

"That region in particular deals with overcrowding even without a disaster, so they have high euthanasia rates,” Maier says. “By taking these dogs in we're saving dogs from euthanasia”.

The Idaho Humane Society says the dogs have tested negative for heartworm, and they are evaluating each dog like any other rescue. Some go for adoption on Saturday, others still need to be spayed or neutered.

"A lot of them might be adopted so quickly they may even not make it on our website,” Maier says. “If people are interested, they should come out to our shelter or out to our PetSmart adoption center by the mall”.

The Idaho Humane Society says 12 other dogs at their facility are also still looking for a forever home.