Longtime Meridian City councilman dies

Posted at 11:51 AM, Feb 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-04 17:05:35-05

MERIDIAN, ID — Former Meridian City Councilman Keith Bird passed away Friday, February 1.

Bird retired in 2017, after serving twenty years on the Meridian City Council.

On her Facebook page, Meridian Mayor Tammy DeWeerd posted, “Meridian lost one of its biggest supporters, contributors, leaders, and advocates for our community and our youth … I have had the privilege of knowing him and loving him as a mentor and like a father.”

Meridian Police Department Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea posted: “We lost a great man. Keith Bird served the Meridian community for so many years, especially the kids. He loves the kids. As a City Councilman he taught me many things; forgiveness, humility, how to disagree without being disagreeable and service to others, to name a few.

Many men leave their mark on a community through things like buildings named after them, but Keith left his mark on people and I don't think there is any legacy greater than that; he certainly left his mark on me. I know I would have never been appointed deputy chief when I was, had it not been for Keith's support. Myself, the police department and the entire community of Meridian owe him a great debt. RIP Keith. You are missed.”

Bird is perhaps best remembered for helping to organize a number of youth athletic programs in the city. According to the city website: “Keith actively supported and (was) a member of the Meridian Athletic Association, Meridian Athletic Roundtable Association, Meridian Speedway, Meridian Dairy Show Board, and the Meridian Chamber of Commerce. He was a member of Meridian Centennial Committee in 1993 that raised funds for restoring the Pine Street School and helped in the celebration of the Meridian Centennial. He was voted Meridian’s Man of the Year in 1996, and received the Meridian Mayor's Legacy Award in 2009.”

In November, 2017, Meridian officials opened the Keith Bird Legacy Park at 3737 W. Lost Rapids Way, in honor of Bird. The park is located off Ten Mile Road.

Bird was 78.

Bird and his family moved to Meridian in 1965. He and his wife have three children and ten grandchildren.

Services will be held Saturday, February 9, at 12 noon at Meridian Middle School.

(photo courtesy: City of Meridian)