Locals remember Prince after music legend dies

Posted at 5:38 PM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 19:38:58-04

Shocking news out of the entertainment world, Prince Rogers Nelson - known for decades simply as Prince - has died.

The music legend's death brought fans to The Record Exchange in downtown Boise. They came to mourn Prince's death and the loss to the music world, but also commemorate the incredible impact he had over his three-decade career.

"He inspired me along with all my friends I'm talking to,” said fan Melissa Lloyd. “They were all in mourning for his loss. He was huge."

"Taylor swift, Beyonce, any of them - they would cite Prince as an influence,” said store manager Brion Rushton. “He had this gift of creating this high-energy music that just really resonated with people."

Managers at The Record Exchange expect there to be a rush on Prince's albums in the coming days.
Our friends over at 107.1 K-HITS were shocked after hearing about Prince's death. Morning show hosts Kevin Murphy and Melissa Dawn shared memories of growing up with Prince's music and his impact on the music world.

"He never stopped innovating and he was very much like David Bowie in that way,” said Murphy. “He just always was exploring more avenues and he was a true musician.”

K-HITS will give tribute tomorrow throughout their morning show. They want to hear from listeners the impact Prince had on them.