Woman starts Facebook page for T.V. missing pets

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jan 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-02 20:15:34-05

This is an awful time of year to have a beloved pet come up missing as the freezing temperatures outside could prove to be deadly.

Luckily, one local woman is doing her part to help reunite four-legged friends with their owners.

If you search for Treasure Valley Missing/Found/Spotted Pets on Facebook, "Finny" is the first thing you'll see.

The Tabby cat served as the page's inspiration.

"He was missing. It was starting to get really cold outside," says Lynda Cadillac, a Meridian resident who created the page. "My daughter and I were pretty much devastated."

Cadillac posted fliers and checked with the animal shelter but came up short.

Three weeks later, after creating the Facebook page, clues led her to Nampa where she was reunited with "Finny."

Ever since then, the page is reaching more and more people.

Cadillac has also discovered that it's pretty common to have a dog come up missing after being involved in a car accident. This year, she says at least three such posts have surfaced on the page.

"The dog will usually freak out, it's traumatizing. They don't know what's going on," she says. "They have absolutely no concept of what's happened. They're terrified, so, they just run."

While dog's like "Wroscoe," who has been missing since a Wednesday rollover accident on Highway 21, are still waiting for resolution...  others are being connected with their rightful owners each week.

It is Cadillac's hope is that the page will continue to grow so that more people's minds can be put at ease.

Plus, she inadvertently recruited help along the way.

"There are people who spend hours on there [the Facebook page]," Cadillac says. "They'll go onto the other groups and websites to look for your missing pet."

Because it's so cold right now, Cadillac is urging anyone who sees an animal in need to consider taking them in and then posting their photo on her Facebook page.