Local tennis club uses parachutes to help train local athletes

Posted at 9:37 PM, Jul 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-04 23:50:12-04

Parachutes are increasingly a way to train the tennis stars of the future.

While parachutes are considered lifesaving devices, they can also help save your game

"It's a high intensity, explosive workout,” said Colin Gillam, Tennis Pro at Eagle Tennis Club. "I've seen it, in the last five years, transition to tennis athletes."

Eagle Tennis Club uses them on a regular basis for tennis camp participants such as 14-year-old Gina Dudley.

"It definitely makes me a better athlete.  It makes me quicker on my feet. I like the feeling of being faster after I do it," said Dudley.

She's got her sights set on the pro tour and proving you can make it from a small state like Idaho.

"I want to prove you don't have to go to an academy or be homeschooled.  I want to prove you can still make it in tennis," said Dudley.

The harder a person runs, the greater the resistance they get, but not every student is thrilled with the resistance.

"How popular is this? Depends on the kids.  Some kids love it.  Some roll their eyes and don't want to run as hard.  But they all see the benefits to it,” said Gillam.

The results are just one drop shot away.