Local sandwich shop gives back to the community

Posted at 8:33 PM, Apr 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-17 23:35:38-04
When you walk into Even Stevens, you immediately know it's a sandwich shop that thinks outside the box.
They have beautiful decor and amazing sandwiches, but what you don't see is what they are doing behind the scenes. 
"For every sandwich we sell we donate one to a local nonprofit partner," said Even Stevens C.O.O Michael McHenry.
Even Stevens partners with local nonprofit like The Idaho Foodbank, and St. Vincent de Paul to help fight the war on hunger. 
While they are new to Boise, they are not new to the business. Their new Bannock street location is their seventh store, and so far, they've put your money where hungry mouths are.
"It's over 420,000 sandwiches that we have donated so far," said culinary director Brandon Price.
If you stop in to grab a bite to eat, you're not going to have to break the bank. 
"We don't have a single item on our menu over nine dollars," said McHenry.
Just because they coin themselves as affordable, doesn't mean they compromise on quality.
They pride themselves on using the freshest local ingredients.
"Locality is very important to us. We pair with farmers markets to try to get tomatoes, cucumbers, and all of those things," explained Price.
Not only do they feel local ingredients are important but also local decor. 
Located just outside Freak Alley, they've actually commissioned some of the artists for their indoor artwork, which they say captures the true heart of Boise.
"We've brought the freak alley from the outside in, so now we're just an extension of the Freak Alley," said McHenry.
Whether it's the art, the food, or the cause that brings you in, they say they're just happy to have you.
"When you come in and experience what Even Stevens is, it's different. It's hard to explain into words, so I encourage everyone to just come in," said Price. 
For more information about store hours and location click here.