Local runner finishes the Boston Marathon virtually in Boise

Posted at 3:11 PM, Sep 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-12 17:59:15-04

BOISE, Idaho — The Boston Marathon would have taken place in April but it got postponed because of the coronavirus, another date was set for September, but organizers of one of the most popular races on the planet canceled the marathon.

Runners were forced into a choice they could sit this year out, or they could make their own course and run it virtually, keep in mind runners have to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Melanie Flake decided to give it a go, and she made her own course that started at Bogus Basin and finished 26.2 miles away at her home in Eagle.

Melanie ran down the mountain, through the smoke, up the hills on Cartwright Road, and all the way to her home, finishing in three hours and 46 minutes; she did it about 45 minutes faster than the first time she ran the Boston Marathon.

"The last two miles your whole body wants, to stop and your brain is saying stop," said Melanie Flake. "I think a marathon has taught me we are all capable of way more than we think because we just don't push ourselves hard enough."

It was also a special marathon as her husband and son provided the aid stations along the way to help Melanie finish the marathon.

Meanwhile, back at their house, other family members and friends decorated a finish line, brought in a food truck, and celebrated when Melanie crossed the finish line.

"As her husband, I always have to wear sunglasses because I cry every time," said Joel Flake. "Because as the partner you are intimately aware of all the training they have done, the early mornings, the hot days and the cold nights."

It has been a challenging year for runners, the Treasure Valley normally has a running event just about every weekend.

They were all canceled because of the pandemic, and while that initially created challenges for Melanie, she says running helped her change her outlook on living during COVID-19.

" It actually bolstered my spirits because I had a goal, and I had something to work towards," said Melanie Flake.