Local Radio Station and volunteers help decorate Meridian home for the holidays

Posted at 9:32 PM, Dec 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 23:32:27-05

A Meridian home is lit up for the holiday, all thanks to a local radio station and some volunteers who braved the winter weather. The homeowner, a widow who survived growing up in Nazi Germany says she couldn't have done it herself.

84-year-old Gerda Dwyer loves decorating for Christmas, but ever since her husband died, she hasn't been able to do it alone.

"I like Christmas I think it's beautiful the colors the red and the green. Christmas is the most beautiful season," explained Gerda.

On Thursday night, an army of volunteers braved the blizzard-like weather to help ring in the holidays with Christmas lights. Hours before, Kevin and Brenda of 101.9 the Bull learned about Gerda's story and went to the air waves to ask for help, and so many answered the call.

"Within minutes the phones just lit up and Brenda and I said you know even with the roads the way they are let’s do this tonight," said Kevin Mee of 101.9 the Bull.

From the trees, both inside and out, to the bushes and the house itself, it was all lit up. 5 thousand lights in all. All of them donated.

"This is more fun to me then big presents on Christmas morning, I'd rather have time doing something for somebody else like this," Said Volunteer Ron Smith.

Like her home, Gerda is now sparkling with holiday cheer. Thankful to all of those who helped.

"I think that was the lord, he wanted me to be happy this year he wanted me to have some lights on my tree," said Gerda.