SMARTPHONE REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Posted at 7:30 AM, Jul 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-04 09:30:15-04

With the sleek, svelte Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung strives for style points as much as utility. And it delivers both in droves.

The metallic build feels sturdy and strong while sacrificing none of the trademark feel. The curved, 5.5-inch screen maximizes as much of the face area as possible, and pops with vivid colors and images. The sidebar pullout menu allows you to pull up an array of quick tasks with ease, justifying the screen shape as far more than a trendy gimmick.

The quad-core 2.3 GHz Mongoose processor juggles gaming, streaming and apps with ease. The front-facing 12 MP camera and 5 MP selfie cam -- accessible from a hotkey pullout menu -- allow you to snap brilliant shots that look better than they have any right to be, thanks to Samsung's photo-enhancing software, as well as its post-click editing suite.

The beefy 3600 mH battery can take down a work day of hefty multitasking without begging for a recharge. When it does need a refill, the included charger, optimized for high-end Samsung devices, juices it back up in about an hour.

Perhaps most impressive is its durability. The screen seems like a bubble waiting to be burst, but it can handle some roughhousing without a scratch. The device is water resistant enough to survive quick accidental dunks in a pool, sink or toilet, as well as a hard rain. This negates the need to protect it with a bulky, industrial case that would rob the device of its svelte feel and ergonomic grace. And that's a huge plus, because this is the rare Samsung device that is hands-down sexier than anything on offing from Apple.

Those coming to the phone from a note of previous Galaxy S should have little trouble with the transition, other than adjusting to the screen edge's pesky insistence on interpreting an accidental side-touch to toggling between the letter and symbol keyboard. A quick adjustment eliminates the awkwardness.

A masterful upgrade that builds upon the groundwork Samsung has previously laid with its Galaxy line, this phone feels built to last and seems to be a harbinger of a strong, enduring future. And when the S7 Edge is in your hand, that future is now.

Manufacturer provided a review phone.