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Get ready for those icy roads!

What you can do to prepare yourself and your car
Posted at 10:46 AM, Nov 21, 2023

MERIDIAN, ID — ISP held a media event at their headquarters to focus on the dangers of winter driving and how people can adjust and prepare for the dangerous icy roads.

  • ISP held a media event to focus on the dangers of winter driving
  • AAA gave advice to drivers on how they could prepare their vehicle
  • AAA says to check battery, engine, and tires
  • ISP brought out skid cars for us to practice regaining control when in a skid
  • There was also a snowplow training simulator to show what drivers may experience in a shift.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

As winter creeps closer, that daily commute may cause problems. I am your north Meridian neighborhood reporter at ISP headquarters where state officials have kicked off their winter driving safety campaign with simulators and skid cars to show just how dangerous those slick roads can be.

Anyone can get out of control; the whole idea is to be able to start to recover when you lose control a little bit.

Driving on snow-covered roads isn't something I'm used to, and I know I'm not alone.

With lots of new Idahoans getting ready for their first real winter, ITD director Scott Stokes says now is the time to keep safety in mind.

Stokes said, "It is so important that we slow down, and be mindful that patience will probably help us arrive safely and keep our family safe."

Throughout the holiday season, law enforcement across Idaho will be prioritizing citations for seat belts and impaired driving.

If you know you're heading out on a long drive, one of the easiest things you can do in preparation is to take your car in for a pre-trip safety check.

AAA says "You want to make sure you check your battery, your engine, and tires. We talk about the acronym B.E.T., and that helps you to remember those things."

Plus make sure others know your travel plans or schedule in case you get stuck, and for those snowy days in the forecast, make room for those snow plows.

A training simulator shows us what operators might experience on a shift.

For more information on how you can prepare yourself and your vehicle, you can check out our story on Idaho news six dot com. Reporting in Meridian, I'm your north Meridian neighborhood reporter, Alexander Huddleston, Idaho News 6.