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New bleachers helping bring back graduation to Emmett High School

After years of going over the hill, Emmett graduation will be coming back home
Posted at 9:13 PM, May 22, 2024

EMMETT, IDAHO — Emmett High School will be hosting a graduation ceremony for the first time in several years thanks to the construction of new ADA-approved bleachers.

  • For the first time in years, graduation will be hosted at Emmett High again.
  • Graduation has previously been held at Idaho Center.
  • An anonymous donor gave the school $100,000 in the name of the 2005 class to help build the bleachers.
  • Students say the old bleachers were a safety risk.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story.)

Just like many places in Idaho, Emmett has seen immense growth and for years Emmett High School has had to host its graduation in bigger venues to accommodate. I'm you Emmett neighborhood reporter Alexander Huddleston at Villanueva Field where with the addition of new bleachers, graduation will be coming back home for the Huskies.

"We will give you $100,000 for this project, but you have to promise to bring back graduation to Emmett, Idaho," said Principal Larry Parks.

For years families celebrating graduates of Emmett High School have had to make the drive over the hill to the Idaho Center in Nampa because the school didn't have space suitable for the ceremony. But, thanks to an anonymous donation from a class of 2005 alumni, new ADA-approved bleachers were built alongside the football field.

Senior Easton White said, "It's super exciting. Having seven family members graduating from the Idaho Center, it is really cool to be in town. For my family, it's easier for them to go to graduation."

White explained to me that as cool as it is to graduate at the Idaho Center since many other schools also use the arena, it takes away from the uniqueness.

"Graduating at the Ford Idaho Center, it is obviously very large and kind of hard for all family members to get there and actually see because you're high up," said another senior, Clara White.

Clara told me these new bleachers are going to be so much safer when it comes to sporting events as well.

"Up on the wooden bleachers, there was definitely sliced wood. The rowdy crowd jumping up and down and it would break down," said Clara.

Parks finished by saying, "I'm just hoping the community is safe and they get to enjoy watching their children play out here."

Being back in Emmett, the school has big plans for this graduation. With around 3,000 in attendance, a black hawk helicopter dropping off its recruits, and a fireworks display, there is a lot in the show.