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Made in Idaho: Basque family restaurant serves up tradition

Posted at 11:14 PM, Jun 13, 2024

MERIDIAN, Idaho — For this week's Made in Idaho, we take you to Epi's Basque Restaurant on Main St in Meridian. Everything served is inspired by Epi’s cooking, who emigrated from the Basque country in Spain to Idaho almost 100 years ago.

  • Epi's family started the Basque restaurant in 1999. The great-grandson and chef Erik McFarland bought it in 2019.
  • Read more about about the family's story here.

“Food’s in my family, so I just kept going with it,” said Erik McFarland. He's keeping his family’s tradition alive with every dish, drink and dessert served at Epi’s Basque restaurant.

“If you went to dinner with anybody in our family you’d eat a big long table. We really replicate that here,” said McFarland.

Everything served is inspired by Epi’s cooking, his great-grandmother who emigrated from the Basque country in Spain to Idaho almost 100 years ago.

“Talk to me about your favorite thing that she made,” said Triepke.

“That she made? All of these same things. Red beans for sure, that are very popular here,” said Josephine Lamiquis-Inchausti, Epi's Daughter.

With many of Epi’s recipes being used today, “like Grandma Epi’s dressing, it’s a garlic vinaigrette dressing, that is her recipe," said McFarland.

Regulars Bruce, Bobbie and Christina say they love the clam chowder… among other popular dishes.

“So what is your guy's favorite thing to eat here?” asked Triepke.

“The halibut!” they said.

“That’s what I have been hearing!" said Triepke.

They drive from Marsing to Meridian to dine at Epi’s, “we like it because it’s consistent. It’s always good food, it’s a good atmosphere."

The consistency and quality has been passed down through generations.

“From the fresh fish to the meat that we cut in house, we’re treating it with respect and that’s what Grandma Epi did. That’s how she really built her name.”

Now Idahoans today can taste a bite of what was cooking in Grandma Epi kitchen years ago.