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Don't be trashy!

Kuna residents cleaning up local trails after people dump trash
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Posted at 5:00 PM, Nov 14, 2023

KUNA, Idaho — Unfortunately, trashy trails are nothing new to locals, but many will spend their free time cleaning up junk.

  • Kuna Butte and Initial Point have a strict no dumping policy, yet trash and junk litter the trails.
  • Saturday, 10am, at Initial point, you can meet with Idaho Overland Association to clean up Kuna. All are welcome.
  • If you see people dumping on public land, get descriptions, if possible, and contact BLM (208)-384-3399

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Kuna is known for its rolling hills, and residents love heading up to places like Kuna Butte and Initial Point to hike, bike, and look out over the beautiful Treasure Valley.

“It’s so pretty and seeing trash all around just kind of ruins it,” said Alan Bickel, of K&A Rusty Relics.

Locals Kelin and Alan come out to Kuna Butte to dirt bike and go off-roading.

“You know, when we’re out here we see a lot of debris and trash, and we don’t like seeing that on public land that we're trying to keep nice,” said Kelin Walker, K&A Rusty Relics.

They told me they started their junk-hauling business earlier this year with hopes of cleaning up more of the local trails.

"So we decided to start a business and get a trailer and start cleaning up the desert, making sure everything is nice for everyone to use and they can use it for a long time,” said Walker.

Unfortunately, people dumping garbage here is nothing new to locals.

“Even when I was in high school, people were always complaining about the trash out here. So we decided to do something about it,” continued Walker.

Kelin and Alan recommend people take their trash to their county landfills or call them if they need a hand.

If you see people dumping, then BLM recommends you safely take photos, write down their license plates, or get descriptions, then contact the bureau directly.

Idaho Overland Association will be holding a community clean up at Initial Point on Saturday at 10:00am.

The nonprofit has seen firsthand the amount of trash along the trails. They are teaming up with BLM, Birds of Prey, and J & M Sanitation to put on the service project.

Anyone can come out to volunteer to help clean up Kuna.

I’m Allie Triepke, your Kuna neighborhood reporter, Idaho News 6.