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This is a sign... to take down your sign

Unless you are Jason Pierce or Brad Pike
Posted at 10:40 AM, Nov 09, 2023

EAGLE, ID — Campaign signs should be coming down Thursday now that we're 48 hours past the election. However, signs promoting Jason Pierce and Brad Pike will be left alone due to the impending election runoff in the Eagle Mayor race.

  • Campaign signs should be coming down Thursday.
  • Ada County Highway District codes says political campaign signs should be removed no later than 48 hours after the election.
  • Some signs will be staying up due to the extension to the mayoral race in Eagle.
  • Jason Pierce and Brad Pike are taking part in a runoff election.
  • The election runoff should take place on December 5.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Election Day has come and gone, however, in the Eagle community, many traces of the elections still linger on sidewalks and roadsides.

“It's the day after the election and the signs are still there, and they are ugly. Those signs are ugly,” said David McGuinn.

McGuinn is an Eagle resident. He says that the copious amounts of signs lining the roads are not only a driving distraction but that they take away from the beautiful scenery.

“It is visual graffiti I don't want to see when I should be seeing the fields and farms of Idaho,” said McGuinn.

According to ACHD, candidates are told signs must come down within 48 hours of the election. However, within the first 24 hours many signs can still be seen standing.

“Over the last ten years or so, the volume of the political signs has increased dramatically. it’s not just one or two signs on the corner, it is dozens and dozens of them,” said McGuinn.

However, some signs after election day will be staying up. The mayoral race in Eagle will be going to a runoff election between current mayor Jason Pierce and city council member Brad Pike.

And being a part of that election runoff is a great excuse to keep your sign up, except if your name isn't Pierce or Pike, it's time to corral your horses and pick your signs up.

“After Election Day, we don't need to be reminded of wins and losses. We need to be reminded that we are all Idahoans. And just seeing those signs left out, it's just divisive,” said McGuinn.

As we continue to follow the Eagle mayor runoff elections we will be updating you with further details in the coming weeks. Reporting in Eagle, I am Alexander Huddleston, Idaho News 6.