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Clean up begins in Nyssa after storms damage the area

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NYSSA, Oregon — Cleanup has started for some residents in Nyssa. After Wednesday's storm left significant damage residents are doing what they can to clean the town.

  • Power is back on and clean up has started in Nyssa after a storm damaged the area.
  • Streets are no longer flooded and power is on, but debris is still scattered across different parts of town.
  • Nyssa Mayor Betty Holcomb says the damaged to the Memorial Park tree could cost 25 to 30 thousand dollars.

Mayor Betty Holcomb was surprised by the destruction when she arrived back in Nyssa.

“Well, I was in Ontario when it was hailing and raining, and I was coming home at 2:30 p.m. and I got a call that said stay home or stay in Ontario because there's lighting, we have lines down,”
Nyssa Mayor Betty Holcomb.
“The saddest thing to come home to was our Christmas tree we light it every year for our Nyssa night parade so that was sad to see that down the flag behind us is a memorial flag for Josh Brennan so just heartbreaking stuff.”

Mayor Holcomb said a new tree could cost 25 to 30 thousand dollars and the flag more than 800. Although the town experienced a lot of damages residents and pets are safe, but picking up the pieces

Mary Ann wasn’t home during the storm either, but she says the last time there was a storm like this, was 30 years ago. The most recent storm blew off roofs, left streets flooded, and caused multiple outages. Now the power is back on, most streets are clear, and residents are cleaning up what they can.

“We saw some boys walking by and I said, ‘hey guys you want to make ten bucks?’ and they jumped at the chance there are four boys and they pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled until they had most of the branches down one of them is still hanging on,” says Mary Ann Elguezabal.
Mary Ann Elguezabal.

Mayor Holcomb says over the weekend the city will catch its breath and will soon come up with a game plan on what to focus on as of now be cautious around South Park as it's one of the most affected areas.

“I get tons of calls, ‘what can I do to help’ and that's just how our community is and I just tell them go see your neighbor see what they need the two of you go to another neighbor that's the basis of where we can start for the city we don't know where we can start yet.”
Mayor Holcomb