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Made in Idaho: T3 Sport

We see how technology meets basketball training
T3 Sport pairs technology and basketball with fantastic results
Posted at 9:30 AM, Mar 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-08 12:22:46-05

BOISE, ID — When sports training and technology meet, the benefits are potentially limitless. That's why a basketball training facility in Boise pulls out all the modern stops to turn kids and adults into the best ballers they can possibly be. Six on your side's Matt Sizemore got on the court with T3 Sport.

Train, translate and transform; that's what the first part of T3 Sport, a high-tech basketball training facility in Boise, stands for.

"The process involves translating the game to the court. So it's not just training, it's taking what they're learning and applying it in a game setting so they learn how to use what they're training for in a game scenario," said T3 Sport Owner Aaron Holsinger.

"But it also gives them an opportunity to track their shooting stats, so they get analytics, so they go online and see over the last six months, you know, how many shots they've taken, what type of shooting percentage they have," said Director of Operations and T3 Coach Jake Garcin.

With shot-tracking courts, ball-handling video games, and a hoop that passes the ball back to you, it's something Matt had to try out for himself!

If you're looking for people that can hit that downtown shot, it's any of the local trainers and coaches who have been here since T3's inception.

"I think one of the things that we put a premium on is hiring great people. And so all this technology and all this basketball training space is great, but if you don't have the right people with kids of with athletes, then it doesn't translate to anything different," said Holsinger.

"Twenty years ago when I was playing, I would have lived here. I would have been here seven days a week. That's where it's fun seeing--as you know, we do have dads and sons that come in and we go through the stations together and you'll see parents up here working out side by side with their kids. It's cool. It definitely creates more of a communal environment," said Garcin.

When the owners moved to the Treasure Valley five years ago, they saw basketball opportunity in a town that loves it's football.

"We loved that Boise was really kind of exploding in terms of basketball. It's a place that's really growing, that's not quite up in terms of the quality of training, or whatever, with some of the big cities. But it's sort of on the cusp, and so we felt excited about coming in at a time where we could really help to provide a space that could help grow basketball in the area, but also grow it in a way that's really helpful," said Holsinger.

And other than making them basketball phenoms, T3 wants to instill one big thing in Treasure Valley kids and athletes.

"Basketball is really a part of their life and not their whole life, and how that translates to playing better on the court, but also being a better son, being a better daughter, being a better person," said Holsinger.