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RECAP: The Trial of Chad Daybell Day 30

State and defense both agree to do closing arguments tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29
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Posted at 8:49 AM, May 28, 2024

BOISE, Idaho — 10:56am: Recess for the day. (Boyce says a formal jury instruction conference will be held later today, Tuesday.)

10:55am: Jury dismissed for the day.

10:54am: State and defense both agree to do closing arguments tomorrow, Wednesday May 29.

10:53am: Blake had no further questions. State does not call any other witnesses.

10:52am: Hermosillo says the kids', J.J. and Tylee Ryan, bodies were found there.

10:51am: As part of the investigation, Hermosillo says he drove by the Daybell property. Also, he has family that lives near the residence. Hermosillo says he drove by because the investigation into the kids missing.

10:48am: Back from recess. State calls Rexburg Lieutenant Ray Hermosillo. Lindsey Blake will question him.

10:03am: Morning recess is called until 10:30 a.m.

10:00am: Stubbs says he can't say who was using the account but it was Chad's.
Prior has nothing further. Wood will now re-direct. Wood asks Stubbs if he is aware Chad and Lori were having an affair. Stubbs says yes.

9:52am: Wood showing exhibit on the screen, showing a request to Google, from, to have all location services deleted that was sent on August 24, 2019.

9:44am: Google search for Chad Daybell email user history from January 3, 2019 is displayed for the courtroom.

9:41am: Madison Co. Prosecutor Rob Wood questioning Stubbs, he asked what type of records he received from Google. Stubbs says he saw search history that the user had Googled "how to turn off location services."

9:39am: State calls retired Rexburg Police Det. David Stubbs.

9:38am: Blake has nothing further.

9:37am: In response to Blake, Christensen says it's normal to talk with law enforcement to learn more and that can help to determine cause of death. He has done so in other cases.

9:35am: Chad Daybell's defense council sits. Blake rebuttal.

9:29am: Christensen says he spent hours going through all the information provided by law enforcement. They were discussing between undetermined or homicide.

9:23am: Christensen says he saw no signs of suicide.

9:20am: Blake asks Christensen if Tammy died of anything related to toxicology issues. He says no. Also no signs of seizures. No signs of irregularities in Tammy's heart. What was left was asphyxia causes.

9:15am: Christensen says a few bruises on arms and chest, and that cause of death isn't obvious at first look.

9:10am: Blake asks Christensen if he has watched any portions of the trial. He has only read the transcript of Dr. Raven's testimony. Blake argued that Tammy did not die from asphyxia.

9:08am: Fremont Co. Prosecutor Lindsey Blake questioning the first witness today: Dr. Erik Christensen, the Utah Medical Examiner who did the autopsy on Tammy Daybell.

9:06am: Boyce rules to exclude Janice Olsen from testifying further as a rebuttal witness.

9:00am: Wixom says he doesn't appreciates Prior's innuendo that Wixom has influenced the witness. Wixom says he was honest with Prior and respectfully told him what had happened.

8:55am: Wixom says Olson heard Emma Daybell's testimony since she was released from her subpoena. Wixom says questioning can continue as he does not believe Olson has been tainted.

8:52am: State says they heard from Ms. Olson's testimony that husband asked her to Tammy Daybell life insurance policy.

8:50am: Wixom says there is a possible issue with Ms. Olson. Olson heard Tammy Daybell say she wanted her husband to raise her life insurance. She was having lunch at school with Tammy a month before Tammy died and during the lunch, the issue of life insurance was raised.

8:49am: The state continues to call rebuttal witnesses as the trial of Chad Daybell continues following last week when the defense rested its case. Watch the courtroom livestream below.