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RECAP: The Trial of Chad Daybell Day 11

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Posted at 8:38 AM, Apr 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-25 17:03:18-04

BOISE, Idaho — Day 11 of the trial of Chad Daybell is underway, witness testimony is expected to continue shortly. View the live updates from the courtroom below.

3:000 pm: The State has requested to end the trial proceedings for the day, Judge Boyce agrees and briefly discusses further scheduling before sending the court into recess for the day.

2:59 pm: Wixom has no further questions, Prior has no cross-examination and Cook is excused and released from his subpoena.

2:58 pm: Cook says he was able to determine that the email had been deleted but was opened. Cook says it appeared that Tammy blocked Charles's email address following the message.

2:56 pm: The email from Charles to Tammy is displayed to the courtroom. Wixom asks Cook to read a quote from the email, which contains a warning from Charles where he informs Tammy that he has learned something very disturbing about his wife, Lori Vallow, and Chad.

2:54 pm: Cook recalls a request from law enforcement for emails from Charles Vallow to Tammy. Cook was able to retrieve emails between the two from the archive server, Wixom moves to admit evidence from those emails.

2:53 pm: Cook explains that he has access to the email information for all employees of the district, adding that emails are kept for 3 years.

2:51 pm: Cook worked a the same school as Tammy Daybell, he worked as the technology director for the Sugar-Salem School District.

2:49 pm: Following the brief break, the State calls computer specialist Spencer Cook to the stand.

2:32 pm: The afternoon recess is initiated by Judge Boyce.

2:31 pm: Prior asks if the fact that Cox was looking into shooting through the type of car owned by the Daybell's indicates that his target was likely a member of the Daybell family, Kaaiakamanu agrees. With no further questions, Kaaiakamanu leaves the stand but he remains under subpoena as he may be recalled.

2:13 pm: Blake asks if the search Cox made for information about shooting through a car shell or windshield would have anything to do with hunting, Kaaiakamanu says no. Blake completes her questions and Prior initiates his re-cross.

2:11 pm: Blake asks about Chad going to see Lori just 3 weeks after Charles's death.

1:43 pm: Blake asks the detective about the light and dark ratings, Kaaiakamanu says the darkness ratings came from Chad. Blake notes that Chad labeled 12-year-olds as dark in one of the messages and asks the detective if the children are still alive, Kaaiakamanu says he hopes so. Blake asks if these children were in the way of Chad and Lori being together, the detective says no.

1:41 pm: Prior asks if Kaaiakamanu spoke with Ofc. Greenhalgh about her investigation of Tammy's death, nothing suspicious was indicated in her report. Prior finishes his cross-examination and Lindsey Blake now re-directs.

1:34 pm: Prior asks if the detective is aware that Tammy Daybell was not driving because she was feeling sick, the detective says he wasn't.

1:31 pm: Prior now shows 2 photos, one of Chad and Tammy and the other of a raccoon in a trap. Prior says the post alongside the pictures confirms that Tammy was feeling sick prior to her death.

1:13 pm: Prior continues his cross-examination of the detective, opening with questions about emails that indicate that the Daybells' stake president requested Chad's to publisher stop publishing his books, the detective is not sure why.

1:11 pm: The courtroom livestream returns, Detective Kaaiakamanu remains on the stand.

11:59 am: The courtroom breaks for a lunch recess after Prior briefly discusses messages where Tammy and Chad indicated that certain people were"dark." The livestream is expected to return at 1.

11:56 am: Prior shows emails indicating that Chad and Tammy were discussing the "light and dark" spirits.

11:45 am: Prior asks if Kaaiakamanu is aware that Chad was driving the Dakota (which Cox searched about shooting), the detective says he knows the car was registered to both Chad and Tammy.

11:39 am: Prior continues with questions about Cox's search history regarding the range of his firearm, the distances he researched were much larger than the length of Tammy's driveway, which is where she saw the alleged shooter. Prior discusses another search from Cox about the performance of the AR-15 in cold weather. Prior suggests that the weapons and gillie suit Cox had could have been used for hunting as it was hunting season, the detective agrees.

11:32 am: Prior highlights the fact that Chad is not implicated in the shooting of Charles Vallow and the attempted shooting of Brandon Boudreaux. The State calls for a sidebar regarding the line of questioning.

11:23 am: Blake objects, asking the detective if he has any knowledge of Tammy Daybell's gun experience or knowledge, but Judge Boyce allows Prior to ask Kaaiakamanu if Tammy would be the best person to identify the weapon she saw, the detective agrees.

11:22 am: Prior shows search history for Tammy following the alleged shooting where she searched on Google for paintball guns and airsoft guns. Prior points out that she never searched for any details about shotguns or rifles.

11:12 am: Prior shows a screenshot of a Facebook post made by Tammy about the event where she, again, refers to the weapon as a paintball gun.

11:07 am: Prior and Kaaiakamanu argue over whether a paintball gun could be distinguished at night in the dark for a few minutes, with multiple sustained objections for Prior's argumentative questioning.

11:05 am: Prior shows a generic photo of a paintball gun, asking if the hopper is clearly identifiable, Kaaiakamanu says it is as long as the person gets a good look at the weapon.

11:03 am: Prior plays the call again, Tammy can be heard saying the man was holding the paintball gun like it was a rifle.

10:59 am: Prior notes that Tammy specifically referred to the weapon involved as a paintball gun.

10:54 am: In an email sent to Mark Daybell, Tammy said that the person who approached her with the paintball gun didn't try to rob or hurt her (outside of attempting to fire at her). The 911 call made by Tammy is played again in the courtroom.

10:44 am: Prior says that paintball gun manufacturers do attempt to make some of them appear similar to real weapons, Kaaiakamanu agrees. Prior says the hopper is usually the distinguishing feature, Kaaiakamanu explains that there are many ways to load a paintball gun. Prior moves to discuss an AR-15, the weapon recovered from Alex Cox's. He asks the detective about how loud an AR-15 would be, the detective responds that it depends on the ammunition. Prior asks if Tammy indicated that she heard noises in line with the sounds a paintball gun makes, the detective says she reported a clicking and wooshing sound.

10:42 am: Following the break, Prior asks for clarification on some of Tammy's statements regarding the attempted shooting that indicate she believed the weapon to be a paintball gun.

10:11 am: Prior asks if Det. Kaaiakamanu knew that Tammy searched for photos of paintball guns and identified the one she saw the night of the shooting. The detective says that he was not aware of this as it was not included in police reports. Judge Boyce calls for a mid-morning recess while the State reviews a piece of evidence.

10:09 am: Prior says it would be very difficult to confuse the scope on the rifle for a paintball gun hopper, but the detective disagrees.

10:00 am: Blake asks Kaaiakamanu about emails between Chad and Lori that indicate details of their affair. Kaaiakamanu says Lori and Chad married just 3 days after Tammy's funeral. The State has no further questions, now Prior cross-examines Kaaiakamanu.

9:44 am: Kaaiakamanu says there were no paintball guns uncovered while serving the warrant for Alex Cox.

9:42 am: Det. Kaaiakamanu explains that he learned, through discussions with investigators, that Alex Cox's phone was located going toward the Daybell residence before making a turn and going back down the road on the day of the shooting.

9:38 am: A photo of one of the guns seized from Alex Cox is shown to the courtroom. Yesterday this image was shown and the detective explained how it could be misconstrued as a paintball gun at a glance.

9:21 am: The day of the attempted shooting of Tammy Daybell, Alex Cox searched several terms relating to how a rifle responds in cold weather. The temperature that day was 26 degrees. Cox also searched for information on if the gun would shoot through a Dodge Dakota, the vehicle Tammy would have been driving at the time.

9:03 am: Det. Kaaiakamanu returns to the stand and the State continues their direct examination.

8:50 am: The State asks for a brief recess as the jurors are let back into the courtroom. Following the recess, Detective Vince Kaaiakamanu will return to the stand. Yesterday, Kaaiakamanu gave testimony about the paintball gun or firearm Tammy Daybell was shot at with in her driveway ahead of her death.

8:41 am: Boyce rules on the admissibility of a second statement, where Tammy told a witness that Chad said she was a zombie. The judge says it is not permitted in the State's case and will only be discussed if the defense opens the door for discussion of the subject.

8:37 am: The courtroom livestream returns as Judge Boyce decides on a motion from the end of yesterday's trial. Boyce takes issue with the vagueness of a statement from Tammy that Chad wanted her to increase her life insurance policy. Boyce decides to exclude the statement from the trial.