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RECAP: The Trial of Chad Daybell Day 20

Posted at 8:34 AM, May 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-09 16:03:36-04

BOISE, Idaho — Day 20 of the trial of Chad Daybell is underway, witness testimony is expected to continue shortly. View the live courtroom updates below

1:45 pm: Court breaks for the day early as some technical maintenance is being done in the courtroom. Judge Boyce explains that there are also exhibits planned to be displayed in the trial that make mention of Lori Vallow. Prior wanted the name removed so that jurors do not speculate about her involvement however, when Boyce rules on the matter outside of the presence of the jury, he finds that the evidence can be admitted without redactions.

1:35 pm: Two more witnesses, Janet Anderson and Tammy Gee, testify to Tammy Daybells health in the school where they all worked ahead of her death.

1:20 pm: Prior asks about a review of Chad's phone before the witness is released. Dean explains that he reviewed only Tammy's phone and not Chad's before being released.

11:50 am: A text from Chad's phone caught the agent's attention in his investigation, but the courtroom is experiencing some technical difficulties. The court staff is working to fix the problem during a brief lunch recess.

11:44 am: Dean used a BluRay player to review two discs containing data extracted from devices seized on Chad's property on Jan 3, 2020.

11:30 am: Now Wood is questioning FBI Evidence Analyst Benjamin Dean.

11:27 am: Batey re-directs, asking Nesbitt if Chad was concerned about any of the frequent police interactions, the officer confirms that he didn't say anything. Batey has no further questions and Nesbitt is released from the stand.

11:20 am: Prior asks Nesbitt if there was any evidence found on Chad's side of the car that would relate to the missing children. Nesbitt also confirms that Lori and Chad did not try to flee in Hawaii during the investigation. A death certificate and marriage license was also found with Chad. Prior has no further questions.

11:15 am: Nesbitt explains that over $10,000 was also recovered in the investigation and that there was no sign of the children in the condo the two were sharing. Batey has no further questions.

11:07 am: Nesbitt confirms that Tylee's debit card was found in Lori Vallow's possession when the officers served her papers in Hawaii. During the search of her vehicle in Kauai, officers also recovered two iPads, one with JJ's name on it. Real estate papers for a condo that Chad and Lori were renting was also in Lori's handbag.

10:40 am: Following the break, the witness is released after a brief re-direct from Wood. Next, the state calls Colin Nesbitt with the Kauai Police Department. Batey is examining him for the prosecution, Nesbitt was assigned to serve a legal document ordering Lori to bring JJ and Tylee to the Department of Health in Rexburg. A video of the papers being served is available from our partners at East Idaho News.

10:06 am: Judge Boyce calls for a mid-morning recess, the livestream will return in 20 minutes.

10:04 am: Prior asks about the DNA recovered from the tape on JJ Vallow's body, Dace says the material only tested positive for JJ's DNA.

9:58 am: Prior displays one of the photos of the tools in the shed and points out a substance on the handle.

9:45 am: Wood has no further questions, Prior now asks if we know who used the tools in the time between the burials and when the police analyzed the tools, a 10-month gap. Dace says we do not. Dace also confirms that none of the stains on the tools were positive matches for Chad.

9:40 am: The hairs collected from the black bag on JJ's remains were also tested. They were a match with Lori's DNA profile.

9:33 am: The DNA material on the pickaxe was also an extremely likely match to Tylee Ryan.

9:27 am: The pickaxe was also tested for DNA material.

9:20 am: The shovel tested positive for a DNA profile match to Tylee Ryan.

9:14 am: The shovels are brought out for the jury to see. Dace explains that she observed a lip on the edge of the shovel that she believed could be human remains. She ran DNA tests on the material.

9:09 am: Dace explains that she ran tests on the 18 tools from the Daybell garage. Areas on the handles of the shovels had small amounts of blood on them. Photos of the tools and their collected DNA samples are being displayed.

8:55 am: An exhibit is displayed in the courtroom. It's a lab report from Dace's supervisor that shows DNA testing was done on the remains.

8:53 am: Dace explains that she received swab samples following the autopsies of JJ and Tylee. She also received samples from Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell, Melanie Gibb, and others.

8:51 am: Forensic Biologist Katherine Dace with the Idaho State Police has been called to the stand. She's being questioned by prosecutor Rob Wood.