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RECAP: The Trial of Chad Daybell Day 9

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Posted at 8:34 AM, Apr 23, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-23 16:45:20-04

BOISE, Idaho — Day 9 of the trial of Chad Daybell is underway, witness testimony is expected to continue shortly. David Warwick continued his testimony to open today's trial proceedings.

2:45 pm: Judge Boyce moves to conclude for the evening as the next witness will require more time and attention than is left on the schedule. The court is sent into recess for the day.

2:43 pm: With no further questions from either party, Greenhalgh is dismissed and released from her subpoena as she is not expected to be recalled.

2:42 pm: Wood re-directs, asking about Tammy's seizures, but Greenhalgh does not recall them being brought up. The officer says it is possible that Chad gave those details to a coroner without telling her.

2:35 pm: Prior executes a brief cross-examination, prompting Greenhalgh to discuss how Chad was the most shaken-up person present at the scene as well as other unexpected falls that Tammy had been experiencing for a while. Greenhalgh also confirms that she was not wearing a body camera at the time of the investigation.

2:20 pm: Greenhalgh says she did not notice anything suspicious at the time of her initial investigation of the scene after the photos are shown to the courtroom.

2:04 pm: Photos from the scene of Tammy's death are shown to the courtroom, but due to their graphic and sensitive nature, they are not shown on the livestream.

2:01 pm: Wood asks if, besides Chad, anyone else gave her information about the nature of Tammy's death. Greenhalgh says no.

1:56 pm: Greenhalgh says that Chad told her Tammy fell out of bed, tangled in sheets, and landed on her head after waking up to a coughing fit. Chad said he found her unresponsive. Greenhalgh says she noticed a foam coming from Tammy's mouth.

1:52 pm: Greenhalgh says the call came in around 6 am.

1:46 pm: The court is now listening to the 911 call reporting Tammy's death. Chad can be heard saying that she is clearly dead, he appears to be crying during the phone call. Chad folds his arms and looks down in the courtroom as the call plays.

1:44 pm: Officer Greenhalgh was a Sheriff's deputy in Fremont County who was tasked with investigating unattended deaths (any death outside of the presence of a physician or outside of a physician's care). Her job was to investigate any foul play regarding the death of Tammy Daybell.

1:42 pm: Deputy Cannon is dismissed and released as he is not expected to be recalled by either party. The state now calls Officer Alyssa Greenhalgh to the stand.

1:41 pm: Cannon says there was nothing discovered that would rule out a gun's involvement in the incident. Wood asks if the report contains details from any other party, Cannon says the details all come from his recollection of the event.

1:39 pm: Wood asks Cannon about the Fremont County policy relating to body cams. Cannon says the sheriff does not require the use of body cams.

1:35 pm: Despite attempts by Prior, the deputy will not describe the event as simply a paintball shooting. Prior has no further questions and the State begins to re-direct.

1:33 pm: In the call, Tammy can be heard saying that there was a paintball gun. The call stops after she says the word paintball gun, Prior asks where the mention of anything besides a paintball gun was in the call. The deputy says there was mention of more details later in the call, Prior asks if there was more evidence missing and the deputy tells him that Prior simply stopped the call early.

1:31 pm: Prior plays the 911 call from Tammy again.

1:29 pm: Prior notes that the deputy was asked to add details to his report following the incident, and asks if the description of the suspect was changed to better fit the description of Alex Cox. Prior asks "You know that this was a paintball gun, don't you?" Prior then asks for any evidence that indicates otherwise, the deputy says the witness reports give him cause to believe it could have been something else.

1:20 pm: Prior displays the deputy's police report from the incident. Prior asks why Cannon described the weapon involved as a paintball gun, emphasizing the word gun. Cannon says "well, it is a paintball gun, so..."

1:16 pm: With the direct examination finished, Prior initiates the defense's cross-examination. Prior asks about Cannon's bodycam, which the deputy says was broken at the time.

1:15 pm: The deputy searched the area for casings or paintballs, but found nothing.

1:11 pm: Cannon says he found it odd that Chad was not more protective of Tammy and concerned with the shooting. Cannon says that he

1:10 pm: Cannon explains that he searched the area around the Daybell property following the shooting report. Cannon says Chad was present during his conversation with Tammy after the initial investigation, but says he did not discuss anything with Chad.

1:09 pm: Fremont County Deputy Cannon is back on the stand.

1:08 pm: The courtroom livestream is back online following the lunch recess.

11:57 am: Judge Boyce calls a lunchtime recess, the courtroom livestream is expected to return by 1:00 pm.

11:52 am: Deputy Cannon received a report of a suspicious circumstance involving Tammy Daybell. A 911 call is played for the court where she reports the supposed paintball gun shooting and explains that it appeared that the man holding the gun shot at her but nothing came out of his weapon.

11:40 am: After a brief cross-examination where Prior notes that Alex Cox seems to be a common denominator in the case, Pillar is released. The State calls Deputy Coulter Cannon to the stand.

11:34 am: A sidebar is held ahead of cross-examination.

11:33 am: Pillar stopped surveilling Cox on Dec. 12, 2019, when Alex Cox died. Officers searched his home and found guns and books authored by Chad. In his car, they also found gun.

11:31 am: The attention of investigators then shifted from the shooting to the missing children. Pillar says his department found no evidence that the children were in Arizona in 2019.

11:28 am: Alex Cox was then identified as a person of interest in the case, Pillar called the Rexburg PD to serve a search warrant on the Jeep.

11:27 am: Pillar explains that the Jeep was traceable to Rexburg, Idaho. He says the Jeep left Rexburg and returned in the days surrounding the shooting.

11:22 am: Officer Pillar explains the damage that was sustained by Brandon's car was consistent with a shooting, and that there was a Jeep idling on the road leading up to the shooting. The Jeep was a match to Tylee's car, including the Texas license plate.

11:21 am: Officer Ryan Pillar is called to the stand. The officer recalls responding to Brandon's report of a shooting.

11:13 am: Prior has no further questions, Brandon Boudreaux is excused from the stand and is not expected to be recalled. A sidebar is called.

11:07 am: Prior asks Brandon to explain what it means to be sealed, Brandon explains that it is a covenant to god and allows a couple to remain paired in the afterlife.

11:06 am: Prior asks about the fireside discussions, but Brandon says he can't testify to who organized them or many details about them as he did not attend them.

11:01 am: Prior asks about the relationship between Alex Cox and Lori, Brandon notes that Alex often moved from city to city alongside Lori.

10:58 am: Brandon says he felt that he needed to go to Rexburg after he learned of the bodies. Brandon is in tears on the stand as he describes being called to ID JJ's body. He identified the body from photos of the remains on June 11. Wood has no further questions for Brandon, Prior initiates his cross-examination.

10:56 am: Brandon then looked into Chad Daybell, he found an obituary for Tammy online before learning that JJ and Tylee were missing. That was before he got a call on June 9, 2020, informing him that their bodies had been discovered on Chad's property.

10:52 am: Following the shooting, Brandon became very concerned for his safety. He hired a private investigator and provided police with emails he received from Charles. These emails voiced concerns for Lori's mental health. Upon further investigation, he learned that Lori and Melani had taken on new beliefs that designated him as dark.

10:46 am: Brandon Boudreaux is back on the stand, he confirms the Jeep from which he was shot at to be a match to Tylee's Jeep.

10:44 am: The courtroom livestream is back online as the State and defense hold a brief sidebar with Judge Boyce.

10:08 am: Boyce calls for a morning recess following the description of the shooting from the Jeep. The courtroom livestream should return around 10:30 am.

10:04 am: Rather than turn and run, Brandon floored it in his car and parked down the street to call the police. He followed the Jeep as it left, but the police told him to return to his home during the call.

10:00 am: Brandon said he had no contact with Lori, JJ, and Tyle when he divorced Melani. Brandon says Melani became instantly cold to him, and explains that he did not know what happened to Lori, Tylee and JJ. Then, on Oct. 2, 2019, Brandon was shot at outside of his house from a Jeep that was parked on the corner of his street.

9:50 am: Brandon describes an argument he had with his ex-wife when she said she didn't want Charles or the rest of the family to attend a funeral for Brandon's grandfather. In the argument, Melani told Brandon that he must have hacked into Lori's computer, which she provided no evidence of. Melani also accused him of being gay. He later texted Lori and Chad, telling them that if his family was ruined, they were responsible.

9:45 am: Brandon's voice breaks as he recalls Charles bringing JJ to his house to play with his kids. He explains that Melani, his ex-wife, took Lori's side in the divorce.

9:40 am: Brandon recalls Lori messaging the family that Charles Vallow was cheating on her in Jan. of 2019. Lori began taking his things and"acting irrationally." Brandon later discovered that Charles' number had been blocked on his phone, he believes his ex-wife Melani was responsible.

9:37 am: Brandon believes this indicated that the fireside gatherings were less focused on the faith and more centered around something else.

9:28 am: Brandon explains that his ex-wife would attend the fireside chats that Lori, Chad and Gibb have referenced. He became concerned when his ex-wife returned from one of the fireside gatherings wanting to build a massive food storage.

9:24 am: Brandon describes Tylee as a sweet girl with motherly instincts before being asked about his ex-wife's relationship with Lori Vallow. Brandon says that Melani Pawlowski viewed Lori as a mother, as her mother died when she was young. Brandon also says that he had a good relationship with Charles Vallow.

9:18 am: Brandon is questioned by Wixom, who asks about his relationship with Melani's family. Brandon says he and Melani were married for about 10 years and that in that time he knew Alex Cox, Lori, and Charles Vallow and spent a lot of time with them. When asked about JJ, Brandon says that he was non-verbal early on and that everyone could tell he had autism.

9:16 am: The State calls Brandon Boudreau to the stand, he is Melani Pawlowski's (Lori Vallow's niece) ex-husband.

9:14 am: Following a brief re-cross by Prior, Warwick is released after the defense ensures he will remain under subpoena.

9:03 am: Warwick describes being angry with Chad for telling Gibb not to speak to the police. Warwick describes Chad as a con man.

9:02 am: The State now redirects, Warwick says he does not recall meeting with the prosecution on Sunday or yesterday.

9:00 am: Prior continues, asking Warwick about what he and Chad did during Warwick's visit to Idaho. Warwick clarified the details of the church calling the two attended over that weekend.

8:38 am: Prior continues his cross-examination of Warwick, asking him about his communications with prosecuting attorneys leading up to the trial. David Warwick is the husband of Lori Vallow's friend, Melanie Gibb.