Local gyms and fitness centers hope to see more members in the new year

Posted at 11:07 PM, Dec 31, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-01 08:24:32-05

IDAHO — Some gyms in the Treasure Valley are feeling optimistic about the new year.

"Honestly, I expect us to be fairly busy. I think kind of threefold. One, it's wintertime in Idaho; you're not running outside, Two, the holidays are kind of over people are motived to take care of their finances, improve your work and improve your health," Jonathan Eldridge, owner of Middleton Fitness Center.

"It's been really interesting. We still see people trickle in. We are excited for the new year, but I think people more than ever understand the importance of overall health," said Laura Pulkinen, a health and wealth coordinator with Mecca Gym."It's not just about doing a bodybuilding show or being strong, but really, what's going on the inside to limit that impact of COVID-19. We have actually seen more people interested in training asking questions."

According to a recentsurveyby the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the number one fitness trend people consider for 2021 to stay active is online training. Number two is wearable devices, and number three is bodyweight training.

Pulkinen said they understand how important it is to offer online training during these times.

"We partnered with an app to monitor our clients. It syncs with your Fitbit, your Apple Watch. By doing that, we're still able to monitor their movements, monitor their nutrition, and still help them work towards their goal even if they were stuck at home," Pulkinen said.

Pulkinen said they launched Mecca Mobile, where trainers can take equipment to a person's home and worked out with them once or three times a week.

Pulkinen and Eldridge said they have safety protocols in place to keep members safe.