Local fitness instructor hosts workouts benefitting Game Changers Idaho

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Posted at 1:58 PM, Apr 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 09:03:09-04

BOISE, Idaho — If you're ever at Camel's Back Park on a Saturday morning, it's likely you'll see a group of people climbing the stairs or doing bodyweight exercises.

But, beyond the burpees and ab crunches, this group is burning calories for more reasons than looking good.

Claire Richardson, a yoga and boot camp fitness instructor, is hosting free workout classes to raise money and awareness for Game Changers Idaho.

“It's for anyone and everyone. All fitness levels, all ages, and any of the movements can be modified," Richardson said.

Game Changers Idaho is a non-profit in Boise that offers a variety of sports programs for kids with and without disabilities.

"Giving these kids these opportunities holds them accountable," Ashley Roberts, Game Changers Crossfit Program Director, said. "It holds them accountable to participate and follow the rules and do the things everybody else has to do every day."

“So many athletes, students ages kindergarten through senior year of high school, are able to be a part of these programs that are so inclusive and fun and the program is also free for the families,” Richardson said.

As a volunteer, she has seen firsthand how Game Changers is impacting the lives of our youth.

"It was started as a place for children with disabilities, and non-disabilities for everyone to come together and have a really inclusive sports program," Richardson said. "This program is so incredible to me, and I think that if we all come together and raise money, we will be able to make a really big difference for these kids."

“Without the community support, it really wouldn’t be able to work. Regardless of what sport these kids are a part of, there is no money coming out of their pockets. All the money that is raised goes into the program,” Roberts said.

The classes are also an opportunity for people to get in shape and meet new people.

“I wanted to start these classes as a way for the community to come together and workout and get outside, especially during COVID while some people might not want to go to the gym. It is a way to be in a big open space and work out safely," Richardson said.

They even head to Hyde Park afterward to socialize over coffee and breakfast.

The boot camp classes are free every Saturday at 10 a.m.

An optional donation is collected at the end of class, and 100 percent of it will be donated to Game Changers at the end of summer.

"My goal is to raise $2,000," Richardson said.

Richardson posts the schedule each week on her Instagram page. To learn more, click here.