Local company's drone neutralizing technology showcased at the Idaho State Capitol

Posted at 9:27 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 23:27:18-05

Keeping people safe used to be a two dimensional issue, but with the advancements in technology, specifically drones, those in the security world have had to reinvent what it means to keep people safe.

"Traditionally at a secure building or a capitol building you would have cameras focused on the front area on the ground. You wouldn't be concerned about the airspace above you, but because of the emerging threat of drones this has really turned from a two dimension problem to a three dimensional concerns” said Ross Lamm of Black Sage Technology.

On the steps of the Idaho State Capitol, Black Sage, an Idaho based company, did a demonstration to showcase their technology. They have developed a system that essentially builds a digital fence in the sky and if a drone enters that space, they can detect it, identify it, and defeat it using radio waves and energy.

"Drones are commercially available. Drone are a lot of fun for a lot of people but they also can be used in ways that are not appropriate and so we have technology to counter drones when they are not being used appropriately,” explained Lamm.

While drones are not a huge problem here in Idaho, Black Sage wants to be ready in the event that it does become an issue.

"We hope that we don't need it which is true of a lot of places,” said Lamm. "But we want to be prepared. We want to have technology to counter that threat.”

"It pleases me that we may not have to deploy it here but we are going to develop that technology,” explained Lt. Governor Brad Little.

Black Sage is keeping jobs local, something Lt. Governor Little said is a win win situation for Idaho. 

"Drone technologies in a lot of our traditional industries agriculture and timber are doing away with jobs so it’s great to have technology creating jobs at the same time,” said Lt. Governor Little.