Local church members headed to Puerto Rico

Posted at 10:22 PM, Jan 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-20 00:22:58-05

 One local church is not giving up on the people of Puerto Rico.
 The Boise Vineyard Christian Fellowship is sending members to aid in hurricane relief.

"We have always been a church of action," Said Terra Montford, Mission Pastor with Boise Vineyard Christian Fellowship.

When Puerto Rico got hit by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the Boise Vineyard Christian Fellowship jumped into action.

"We brought tools and chainsaws, medical supplies,food," Said Terra Montford, Mission Pastor Boise Vineyard Christian Fellowship.
Marcus Hatchock was one in one of the first groups sent.

"When we got on the ground we didn't even know where to start.
And the group hasn't taken a break since. Weeks after week the groups go back," Hatchock

"We keep hearing to please keep sending teams," Montford explained. 

This is the 4th group geared up to go on their way. 

"There are actually three projects we will be working on. The first one is the tree removal, the second thing will be helping rebuild rebuild roofs, and the third thing is meal delivery," Said Joey Foreman, Volunteer

The church hurricane relief effort goes back all the way to Hurricane Katrina which happened over a decade ago.

"For five years we sent people down to help Hurricane Katrina victims," Montford added.

And they say this is one of the reasons why the group is successful because they just don't focus on the immediate needs...  but are determined to achieve long-term goals.

"My heart is really that we help people that are in need," Montford said.