Local businesses going to shady lengths to fill landscape jobs

Posted at 8:04 PM, Jun 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-16 22:04:47-04
With growth booming on just about every corner in the Treasure Valley, It’s leading to thing blooming on just about every corner. Landscapers have been slammed with work.
“Its just really gone through the roof here,” said President of Franz Witte Landscape Seneca Hull.
And while businesses should be celebrating the need for their services there is one problem.
“There is just so much work in the valley and there are just so few skilled workers,” said Hull.
The unemployment rate is extremely low right now. Most everyone who wants a job is able to get one, leaving companies left to fight over hard to find skilled workers.
"I don't know that it has ever been this bad,” explained Hull.
Sometimes businesses are even stooping to try to steal workers from other companies while they are on the job 
"People will stop on the job site and say I will pay you a dollar more,  I'll pay cash, under the table, things like that,” said Hull.
It’s a move that is upsetting to those who are trying to be good stewards of business.
"You know there is a code of ethics that we all try to live by that have been around this industry for a long time and that is not the way to do it,” said Hull.
Just in the past year those at Franz Witte said they’ve had to increase their base pay by around five dollars, make sure they have competitive benefits, and they are a great place to work, but still they are in need of about eight additional workers.
"We have people here that it’s their job to go out and sell and get new work and they can’t do their job because they don’t have crews to fill that work if we do get it,” said Hull.
And with a booming economy and a blooming industry, this should be the best time for business.
"It’s interesting with as much work as we have right now you know it is a struggle to make money, to be profitable,” said Hull.