Local ballet folklorico instructor to close dance studio, remains hopeful

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Posted at 8:49 AM, Apr 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-21 11:08:14-04

NAMPA, Idaho  — In October of 2020, the community came together to help a local dance instructor keep her business afloat, but now new hurdles mean Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho will have to find a new studio.

“April 30 is my last day here at this spot. A lot of mixed emotions," said Monique Michel the director of Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo Idaho. “I had a meeting with my dance family to share that we will be leaving. Unfortunately, my rent went up and I’m not able to afford a higher rent right now. Especially with the pandemic, and especially life not being fully what it was before prior to the pandemic.”

For 18 years Michel has run BFML, for 10 of those years the practices took place in a studio located in downtown Nampa. Michel said the group will perform in events they committed to this year.

“I’m very much about our dance space being a safe space, a sacred space where my dancers are able to meet. We practice here, we performed here. There are friendships built here, there are milestones celebrated. birthdays and graduations,” Michel said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy for the performing arts, Michel said before the pandemic started they would perform in 50 to 60 events throughout the yea. Last year they only performed in three. At the moment Michel hasn’t been able to find a new location to hold her lessons but her focus will be on how BFML can move forward.

“I didn’t want to come from a place of negativity. I wanted to come from a place of peace and share with my dance family that this is a natural progression. We just experience a pandemic and lives were lost and that is so much more than a studio,” she said.

Michel said she received a lot of community support after writing a post on Facebook about the upcoming closure.

I promise that I will find Us a safe space again where we’ll continue to create and learn, and share and grow. I don’t know where that space is. Yet. But as sure as the sol rises, so too will We.

She said her students and parents have been understanding about the decision.

“Four walls and a roof don’t make Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo. We make up BFML so where ever we go we will bring that same energy and that same space and creativity,” Michel said.