Local actress and volunteer passes away

Carmelita Pope was 94
Local actress and volunteer passes away
Posted at 6:48 AM, Apr 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-09 16:18:02-04

A former actress and local volunteer has passed away. Carmelita Pope worked in commercials in the early days of TV and spent nearly a decade as the face of Pam Cooking Spray in the 60s.

Her obituary lists work from prominent soap operas to theater and animal advocacy. Pope moved to Idaho in the mid 90s and became an important volunteer at the Warhawk Air Museum. There she helped coordinate the Veteran's History Project, which documents local veterans' experiences at war.

"She will always be standing right in front of me as I move through life. I am 74 now. Someday I will be 94, I hope. And I hope that I am a gracious and as much in love with life always--the way she always was," said Sue Paul, founder of the Warhawk Air Museum and a friend of Carmelita's.

Pope also included her own story about a time in her early twenties when she performed in USO shows for American troops in the final months of World War II. A section of the Warhawk Museum honors her. Pope was 94 years old.