Local 4H clubs put wild horses up for adoption at the Idaho Horse Expo

Posted at 2:51 PM, Apr 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-14 16:51:26-04

NAMPA — Local 4H clubs have been working for the last nine weeks to train mustangs and on the final day of the Idaho Horse Expo those wild horses were adopted.

It's a program that features a unique partnership between the Bureau of Land Management and several 4H clubs of Idaho.

In the past ten years this program has resulted in 310 mustangs finding a new home easing the burden on the BLM who has a budget of $81 million this year for wild horse management.

The adoption program also brings in money for 4H clubs, in the past ten years $44,000 has been raised, but the experience that kids get out of the training these wild animals also pays dividends.

"The mustangs need a home as much as these kids need an opportunity to work with these horses," said John Mead the BLM mustang adivsor. "It's a good program and you won't see a dry eye in the group when the horses get adopted."

That is one of the hard parts of this program as the children have to say goodbye after working so hard to gain the trust of these wild animals.

"I really love her and I hope she gets to go to a good home," said Lily Ottinger of the Purple Sage Riders 4H club.

To see more on Wildfire, the horse trained by the Purple Sage Riders check out the video.