Limited opening at Bogus Basin Saturday, temperature inversion keeping ski area warm and dry

Posted at 10:19 PM, Dec 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-09 00:20:11-05

Boise High School Students Hamish and Sam had Bogus Basin all to themselves Friday afternoon, at least the terrain park. There's just not enough snow on the mountain to get in a run.

"We usually ski the face over there and it's pretty cool but right now there is a lot of dirt and rocks," explained Sam Zimmer.

Bogus Basin officials tell 6 On Your Side temperature inversions are part to blame for their lack of snow. They're keeping the Treasure Valley cold and the mountain to warm to make snow. 

"We got sunny blue skies at 41 degrees so if that inversion got you down this is the place you got to come tomorrow," said Nate Shake of Bogus Basin Mountain Resort.

Bogus Basin isn't letting a lack of snow stop them just yet, along with the terrain park the Pepsi GoldRush Tubing Hill and Nordic trails will all be open Saturday. The terrain park is free if you don't mind a bit of a hike.

"We are doing what we can we've made snow on the tubing hill that's why we can open that up," explained Shake. "The Nordic trails don't take quite as much snow as the alpine trails and we'll just keep farming snow and making snow and using every little bit that we have until mother nature can provide what we need." 

But don't expect the mountain coaster to be ready this weekend. Originally slated to open this summer it was delayed. Crews now building the loading platform for the coaster. Luckily Idaho's only mountain coaster can run with or without snow.

"We're hoping Santa Clause can bring us an early Christmas present and we'll announce the opening of that as soon as it's done," said Shake. 

Bogus Basin officials say there is planning in the works for improved snowmaking so an inversion doesn't leave them dry in the future.