Lime works toward relaunch of scooters in Meridian

Posted at 9:24 PM, Oct 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 00:22:59-04

Lime scooters were put on pause less than a week after they were rolled out in Meridian due to multiple complaints.

Representatives from Lime have agreed to work with the city on another possible rollout.

"They want to meet with property owners about locations for this. They want to look at safe routes for these with our police departments to find a way this program can be effective and not be overly burdensome to the police," said Bill Nary, Meridian City attorney. 

"We picked March 15th. It could be earlier than that if we can get all those things accomplished in a timely manner like we like and maybe if it's a light winter and they can be done even sooner and then we can bring that back to the council if that's the case."

Lime still needs a license agreement with ACHD to operate on roads and sidewalks. 

They also want to work with police, the city, and property owners as well as do public outreach. 

"They would like to work with the city to make sure the public knows how these are used and also give us an opportunity to see how they're going to be used in our joining jurisdiction of Boise and see if these can really be done in the same manner so very positive, very supportive of Lime. Very much them wanting to work together with the city so I think it's a win for everybody."

Nary says Meridian wants to watch the rollout of Lime and Bird in Boise which is set to happen next week.