Lead contamination in municipal water addressed

Posted at 6:28 PM, Apr 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-06 12:58:42-04

After the Flint, Michigan water crisis, Americans across the country have the right to be concerned about their drinking water.

The good news? Idaho as a state generally has safe drinking water that is free from lead contamination.

However, according to Megan Larson who is a water analyst for the Department of Environmental Quality, there are a few areas in the Gem State that are concerning.

The Pine Tree River, water near Tamarack Resort and Castle Mountain Creek have some contamination that is routinely examined, tested and discussed with the state to ensure that people will not become sickened.

Idaho’s water is generally low in PH, according to Larson, which makes it less likely to react with old pipes and welding causing contamination.

However, if you have concerns that your water supply may be contaminated, you can purchase off-the-shelf testing kits.  If you want to take the time, you can send the results to a lab for peace-of-mind.

Most kits cost around $30 and will test for twenty-two different containments including lead. Following the instructions is crucial to ensure that your results are accurate.

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