Land board votes to allow Bogus Basin plan to make snow

Posted at 10:03 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 00:03:41-04

Big news for Bogus Basin skiers and snowboarders. The Idaho land board vote unanimously earlier this week to allow Bogus Basin to build a water storage dam on the mountain which includes underground pipes, allowing Bogus to make artificial snow.

“It’s the only way we can guarantee an early season opening,” said Bogus Basin General Manager Brad Wilson.

Wilson said they always have the temperatures by late November early December needed for snowmaking so this allows them to guarantee opening over the Christmas-New Year holiday.

“It’s an opportunity to give us stability in our winter operations knowing when we are going to open,” said Wilson.

The nonprofit was able to raise 6.2 million dollars in a capital fundraiser last year that will cover the cost for the added improvements which will include 24 snow guns that will cover runs on deer point, morning star, and coach.

“It’s about 62 acres of snowmaking which in the grand scheme of things is great early season but you are not going to ski on that for the whole season so this is a get us open get us going and then mother nature will kick in after that,” said Wilson.

The pond will be located below the Nordic Lodge and likely won’t be visible to anyone except cross country skiers but the effects will be noticeable by all who attend Bogus Basin in the early season.

"To go from zero really a couple of years ago to be able to have snowmaking as early as next season is really phenomenal and we are super excited to be able to bring that to the community,” said Wilson.

In order to get the final stamp of approval, Bogus Basin must now take its plan to the Forest Service. If all goes as planned Bogus hopes to have the project done by next fall.