Lake Hazel students receive trophy for work with Alzheimer's research

Posted at 3:48 PM, Dec 21, 2017

Students at Lake Hazel Middle School were recognized for their work in accelerating Alzheimer’s research.

They were presented with the world’s first-ever Citizens Science trophy during an assembly Thursday, Dec. 21. 

This past spring, 250 students teamed up to play “Stall Catchers,” a video game designed to speed up Alzheimer’s Research at Cornell University.

“We have this game called Stall Catchers that allows anyone to play a game online,” said Dr. Pietro Michelucci, Director of the Human Computation Institute. “And by playing that game, you’re helping scientists to analyze research data. And because it’s a crowdsourcing system, the bigger the crowd, the faster the data gets analyzed.”

Together with other competitors, Lake Hazel students helped achieve up to eight months of lab work in four short weeks of competitive gameplay.