Kuna school district's levy for learning priorities vote on March 12

Kuna school district's levy for learning priorities vote on March 12
Posted at 4:34 PM, Mar 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-05 19:18:18-05

KUNA — A 2.5 million dollar decision is up for debate inside and out of the classrooms in Kuna.

"We often have to run levies in order to buy new curriculum, musical instruments, enhance any kind of building or safety," said the director of communication for Kuna school district David Reinhart.

The Kuna school district's levy for learning priorities could potentially add 20 more teachers, four additional student resource officers and update curriculum. This is something the district says is important for the expanding population.

"this year we find our classrooms overcrowded, classes, that should be 25 students that ended up with 30 or 32 students," said Reinhart.

With the same levy passed in 2017, Silver Trail Elementary updated their math curriculum.

"Being able to use that new curriculum along with the new technology, we've seen student scores greatly increase," said building administrator at Silver Trail Elementary Jennifer Monserat.

Jennifer says if the new levy passes, they can update the language arts curriculum, which hasn't changed in 20 years. However, not every parent in the school district is on board.

"I've had two daughters graduate from Kuna high, the third is about to graduate and then my youngest is a freshman at Kuna High," said resident Kurt Hartley.

Hartley says the town he's raising his girls in is growing, but the price tag shouldn't.

"They're going to need another bond in a few years, and Kuna fire department is going to need a bond they need a new facility, and I heard Kuna police are going to want some money for a facility in the near future also, and it's just a lot," said Hartley.

Something unique about Kuna is its all-day, everyday kindergarten. District officials say without the levy nearly a million dollars from the budget will be pulled and re-prioritized.

"85 percent of our budget is just hiring the people it takes to make a school go round, so we'll have to consider all of those things," said Reinhart.

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