Kuna family fears their loved one is dead after they believe he crashed into the Payette River

Posted at 5:37 PM, May 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-11 00:21:20-04

Brandy Lee is fearing the worst after her brother-in-law, 44-year-old Jerry Coburn disappeared on Sunday. He told his family he was going fishing off of Highway 55 and he hasn't been seen since. 

"He loves his family and he loves his friends and he'd be there no matter what," said Brandy Lee, Jerry's sister-in-law. "He's not the type of person just to go off and not come back."

Jerry's family's fears have grown since they learned the Boise County Sheriff's Office responded to a pickup that ran off the road and landed in the Payette River Sunday morning north of Gardena Bridge. Police say one witness saw someone inside the truck. They conducted a search and rescue operation but came up empty handed. Police have not confirmed that it is Jerry. 

"That's the hardest part not knowing if it is him if it isn't him," said Lee. 

The family says they've been searching the area on the ground in the water and even in the air, but so far no sign of Jerry.

"I'm hoping for a miracle I'm hoping that some good Samaritan saw him and was able to drag him out of that water and it's crazy, out of a movie, but maybe they're nursing him at home. But the harsh reality of it is he's in that water and his family deserve closure we need to find him," said Lee.

Jerry's family along with the Boise County Sheriff's Office are urging anyone who knows or sees anything along the Payette River to call Boise County dispatch.