Kuna Days returns this growing town to its roots with a wild party

Posted at 2:43 PM, Aug 06, 2022

Kuna Days Tailgating Party has been a staple in the summer in Kuna for more than 60 years, but as the town and this event continues to grow this rural town still holds on to its small town values.

This is highlighted by the down and dirty mud obstacle course that the city builds near the skatepark, this mud run has become a favorite for children ever since they started doing it seven years ago.

"My kids look forward to this all year long and we make sure we are in town so they can at least come down and do the mud run," said Michelle Nielson of Kuna. "The other stuff is fun too, but this is the highlight for them.”

Kuna Days is a two-day celebration that features so many different events, we missed the mullet catwalk, but we were able to catch the parade that seemed to have most of the businesses in town marching through.

“All of the businesses and everybody loves to get together," said Karri Keller of the Kuna Chamber of Commerce. "This has been over sixty years we have been doing this, it has just gotten bigger and bigger."

People from all over the Treasure Valley show up for Kuna Days giving this farming community a chance to show its personality.

"It’s growing a lot, but it still has that small town feel," said Nielson. "So it is just nice to be able to come out and know your kids are safe, and everyone is having a good time."

Kuna Days will wrap up Saturday night with a fireworks show at 10:00 p.m. We were told this is one of the largest firework displays of the summer in the Treasure Valley.