Kohberger Case Nondissemination Order Update

Bryan Kohberger
Posted at 7:47 PM, Jun 23, 2023

MOSCOW, Idaho — Judge John Judge is clarifying a Nondissemination Order in the Kohberger case.
The judge ruling on June 23rd that journalists are allowed to interview family members involved in the case, but not lawyers.

The ruling comes after a Motion to Vacate the Amended Nondissemination Order was filed by a coalition of 20 media outlets including KIVI.

The court insists that the Nondissemination Order is not a gag order, it will, however, restrict attorneys directly involved in the case who are representing party, witness, or victim’s family, and the agents for those attorneys, including law enforcement, from making certain statements about the case to the media or the public.

The court says the ruling is intended to protect Kohberger’s right to fair trial under the Sixth Amendment.