Kitten thrown from car finds home in Nampa; police search for driver

Posted at 10:27 PM, Jun 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-19 00:27:27-04
A five-week-old kitten who is lucky to be alive. Her adopted parents Ben and Shawna Kaufmann didn't find her at the pound or the pet store, but Facebook.
"It just... It made me so angry I just felt so sorry for the little thing," said Shawna. 
Nampa police say on Wednesday night, someone in a truck driving westbound on I -84 tossed the little kitten out of a window driving at 65 miles an hour. Another motorist called 911 and police responded to rescue the cat. 
"I observed a small black object or dark colored object next to the median and so I actually initially just passed it cause I had to slow down as well and then  I  was able to back up," explained Officer Chris Orvis with the Nampa Police Department.
Police didn't say if the cat landed on its feet, but she was unharmed. That's why police named her Lucky. They posted her photo on their Facebook page and many offered to take her in, including Shawna and Ben.
"There were a lot of other people out there wanting to adopt Lucky and so we feel very lucky to have Lucky," said Shawna
"It's a positive story in sea of horrific events that happen in our day to day lives," Said Officer Orvis.
Lucky is still getting used to her new home, but her five feline siblings are keeping a close eye on her just like her new parents. They are in disbelief someone would throw a kitten out a window. 
"What did this cat do to them?" said Ben. "The shelter is what 15 minutes down the road? Get off the freeway and bring it in there, they'll take it." 
"Animals are so innocent and for somebody to do something so cruel I really think they deserve some jail time," proclaimed Shawna. 
Nampa Police are investigating the case. They say the person who threw Lucky out their window was driving a white or cream colored two-door pick-up truck. if you have any information, contact the Nampa Police Department.