Kid for a Night volunteers from St. Luke's deliver stuffed animals to child patients

Volunteers from St. Lukes deliver stuffed animals
Posted at 6:19 PM, Jun 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-15 20:19:59-04

The biggest fundraiser of the year for St. Luke's hospital yielded approximately $475,000 in donations, some of which came from the sale of custom-outfitted teddybears for children.  

69 of the donors gave back the bears they received for their donations, which were delivered to children today by the volunteer committee who organized the event.

"The bears help support the hard work we do, to buy new equipment and new programming. But giving the bears back helps the kids to feel better while they're in-patients," said Nicole Oneida, who, works at the hospital, donated to Kid for a Night and volunteers for the event.