Ketchum could ban drivers from cell phone use

Ketchum could ban drivers from cell phone use
Posted at 1:39 PM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 12:27:40-05

(AP) -- The central Idaho tourist city of Ketchum has taken a first step in banning drivers from using cellphones.

The city council unanimously approved a first reading of the proposed ordinance on Monday. Two more readings of the possible ordinance are required with the last scheduled for early April.

Authorities say the state's 2012 texting-while-driving ban is difficult to enforce because officers have to determine whether the person is writing or reading on a phone.

The local ordinance would ban using and holding a cell phone, not just texting while driving. GPS devices are among some of the ordinance's exceptions, the Idaho Mountain Express reports.

Ketchum Police Chief Dave Kassner has said only a handful of citations under the state law have been issued since its implementation.