JUMP to open its doors next week

JUMP to open its doors next week
JUMP to open its doors next week
JUMP to open its doors next week
JUMP to open its doors next week
JUMP to open its doors next week
Posted at 4:57 PM, Dec 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-01 18:57:18-05

Treasure Valley residents will get their first look at JUMP –- Jack’s Urban Meeting Place –- when the project opens its doors with community open houses in less than two weeks.

JUMP is created by the JR Simplot Foundation, and named for its founder, J.R. “Jack” Simplot.

“The open houses are scheduled from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 13th, 20th and 27th will provide an opportunity for the community to start experiencing the uniqueness of the project and the scope of the opportunities JUMP will bring to the community. The lobby, with its entrance located below the large orange JUMP sign near 9th Street, will be open to the public starting Dec. 15 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday to Friday but will not be open on the upcoming holidays,” said JUMP spokesperson Kathy O’Neill.

“We are opening the doors so the community can experience and explore our building and learn about our vision and charitable mission, which will be driven by integrating the passion of our community directly into our programming,” said Maggie Soderberg, JUMP’s executive director.

JUMP, located between 9th and 11th and Front and Myrtle streets, has been an anticipated -- yet somewhat mysterious -- project for many in the Boise area. Commuters who drive by the area have seen the tall JUMP sign above a larger-than-life vintage tractor.

Soderberg said interior construction of JUMP is virtually complete, which will allow for the start of programming and events.

“The community will be invited to participate in community programs, classes, workshops and events in this program-driven space during the initial winter hours while work will continue on some of the external projects, including onsite parking, which isn’t available yet. Work will also continue on the park and external features and park amenities,” O’Neill said.

JUMP is home to a number of creative studios co-mingling together, where officials say activities and programs will become a regular occurrence for those in the greater Boise area.

There is a “studio” that boasts a fully-equipped modern kitchen that could be used for cooking classes, cooking competitions, and community gatherings. There is a studio full of tools for makers, both traditional tools and modern ones like a 3-D Printer. There is a media studio with cameras, green screens and editing bays -- and there is peaceful dance studio that overlooks the park and a studio for brainstorming with large groups.

All of the studios are connected by terraces and walkways. There will be an amphitheater, lawns, rooftop gardens, a play structure, a five-story slide and a large pathway that connects Boise’s Greenbelt to the Downtown district. Inside JUMP is a lobby and two large event spaces.

“JUMP was developed with the guiding philosophy that we all have something meaningful to contribute and that you can achieve things you didn’t think were possible,” Soderberg said. “There is no other building like JUMP in Boise or anywhere else and the best way to understand what JUMP is all about is to experience it for yourself.”

Displayed throughout the JUMP building and site are dozens of vintage tractors that were purchased for the JR Simplot Foundation, Inc. by the late “Jack” Simplot. “In fact, the building is a tribute to Simplot whose entrepreneurial spirit helped build one of the world’s most successful agribusiness companies,” O’Neill said.

“The tractors are innovation made visible. This is the kind of thinking that will carry America forward,” said Scott Simplot, J.R.’s son and Simplot Company Chairman.

“With the essential community interaction and feedback, JUMP will continue working on developing inspirational programs, events, workshops, and festival,” O’Neill added. “Our vision is for each of us-young and old alike –to be inspired, try new things, learn from each other and expand our imaginations.”