Jukebox heroes for day. Borah High School raises money with Foreigner

Posted at 11:17 PM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 01:17:49-04

A cold as ice local high school choir has taken the stage at the western Idaho fair. Right alongside a hot-blooded rock band.The Borah High School Choir sang with Foreigner and raised money for school music programs. The 25 students had their first day of school that day.

"I'm actually on student council to and we prepared that and we had a big Assembly for the first part and went to all of our classes it was fun," said Aubree Hessing the president of the choir. 
But these students weren't just jukebox heroes for a day. They worked to help bring music to those who don't have it. Before the show, they sold CDs and raffle tickets for a guitar signed by the band. The money they raised will go toward the Hungry For Music program.  A charity organizations which supports music education around the word.
"It's the emotional bond in the connection you make with other through music that's what I think it's the most important," said Heather Ray the Choir teacher.
It's all for the love music, and to keep music in schools. Students say without it, they  wouldn't know what to do. 
"I think it's super important and it's such a special thing in my heart that I want everyone able to experience and I think that it's so Awsome we are able to help them today," Said Hessing.
Foreigner also donated 500 dollars to Borah High School to help them with their music program.