Judge orders Idaho couple to sell remaining livestock after abuse case

Posted at 10:14 PM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 00:14:20-04

A Grand View couple charged with animal cruelty faces an ultimatum from an Owyhee County judge. He told them, "Sell your remaining livestock or else."

This as county deputies do their best to help the animals in what they call the worst case of animal abuse they've seen. The horses are matted and emaciated, but may be the lucky ones.

Several months ago, a group of rescued animals were among 46 horses and 17 cattle on the ranch of Ray Michael and Billie Jean Parker.

It's a scene Larry Kendrick won't soon forget. "I saw 6 horses and 9 cows in various states of decay," says Kendrick, "they parked above one of the dead animals."

All but 11 horses have been rescued, and Owyhee Sheriff's deputies are tasked with caring for them.

"I've been out feeding the horses when out on other calls for service," says Kendrick.

The county prosecutor says money the Parkers make off the sales of the animals goes to cover costs of caring for them. Even though this case involved a herd of animals, the Parkers face only two misdemeanor charges.

"In Idaho the first and second time it happens it's just a misdemeanor and in this case with a large herd, for it to be a misdemeanor is wrong." says Rebecca Catlett of Idaho Horse Rescue.

But if the Parkers don't sell the remaining animals in time, they could face contempt charges.
Six On Your Side was unable to reach the parkers for comment. But there is an open invitation for them to share their side at any time.